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Big Ten Digital Network on Roku

I’m a big fan of my Roku player, so much so that I just bought a 2nd one for the living room a few weeks back. The one area where it doesn’t rock is sports programming. I believe the only available sports programming is on BYUtv, where you can catch the occasional volleyball match-up plus one football game per year.

Recently, the SEC Digital Network went live on Boxee, and the SEC Digital Network is powered by the same back-end technology as the Big Ten Digital Network. That got me thinking that the Big Ten Digital Network is also probably coming to Boxee shortly.

I’d like to think that they’ll eventually turn their attention to Roku also, which is selling like hotcakes (something like 3m units projected this year). Also, the Roku isn’t a horribly shaped, half-functional device like the Boxee box; it simply works.

But until this app is launched, I’ll still be glued to my Roku, hoping that small players like them can continue to take on the big guys like Apple and Microsoft.

  • 12 October 2011